MANX is a quirky, inventive R&B/Pop universe made by 29 year old producer and multi field artist from Gothenburg; Maria Nyström.
Her debut single ‘I’m giving u art’ in 2019 had listeners and press sizzle over her luscious sound settings and eccentric style, calling it ‘addictive’ and ‘incredibly vibey’.

Multitasking both as a visual storyteller, producer and performer in her creative ID; her ingrained original style gets to pierce every aspect of MANX.
Maria uses her visual imagery as a creative pallet, and creates artwork parallel with the songwriting to catch up with her visions.
Her music moves across genres, cultures and messes around with what’s expected. It blends middle eastern darbuka with lounge-synths and even dares to enter Aphex Twin-territory; still with its poppiness intact.

MANX is releasing the new song ‘RAFT’ on September 3rd , which is the first single of an upcoming 10 track album. A luscious, waterfall-like production of soft R&B that gets infused with fiery elements of Jungle and Garage. About adjustment and survival, times of aid, reaching out and taking care of business.
The single, and the rest of the album, was recorded over two dark months during Swedish wintertime and the peak of a pandemic. Maria was also dealing with strong lingering side effects of her covid-infection. A general sense of existential dread lead her to daydreams of a bio paradise where everything constantly sprouted and grew and nature would hold her under its protection.
She wanted to enable an escape room; a stunningly beautiful environment to get lost in.